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When the ‘Enable Save As' option’ is selected, the Save As Dialog will be displayed each time before printing the file. The Black Ice Save As Dialog is very similar to the regular Windows Save As Dialog, except it contains additional Black Ice options.

While the regular Windows Save As dialog is displayed when the Save As option has been chosen from the file menu, the Black Ice Save As Dialog is displayed when the document is printed to a Black Ice printer which has the ‘Enable Save As' option selected:

Save As Dialog

Options - For certain file formats additional settings can be specified for example, compression methods, embedded font settings, and so on. Available options change according to the selected file format.

Color Depth - Sets the color depth for the generated image. The value can be 1 bit, 8 bits, 8 bits grayscale and 24 bits. Certain file formats do not support all the available color depth options.

Encrypt with password - When enabled, users are able to generate encrypted PDF documents even if the Encrypt the printed document using a password option is disabled on the Printer Manager > General tab. The user will be prompted with the “Encrypt with Password” window to enter a password for the printed document and select the protection type of Viewing and Editing. If no encryption is selected on the PDF Settings > Security tab, the document will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption (Acrobat X or later). The password must be a maximum of 32 characters.

Open printed document using the default viewer - When enabled, the generated output document opens in the default program for that file type (extension).

Open output folder - If this option is enabled, the designated output directory opens in Windows Explorer after the print job is completed.

Add Cover Page to the document - If this option is enabled, the user can select and insert a cover page as the first page of the printed document during the printing process. After the printing has finished, the document will be opened in the default form filler application (for example TIFF Viewer Pro, TIFF Viewer, Adobe Reader, or Foxit Reader). To read more about how to add a cover page to documents, please refer to the Add Cover Page webpage.

Save each page as separate file - If this option is enabled, the printer driver saves every printed page in a separate file. If disabled, every page is generated into a single file. Please note that certain file formats, for example, JPEG, do not support multiple pages. In these cases, this option is not available. If the Save each page as a separate file option is enabled, the Add Cover Page to the document option is not available.

Black Ice Save As Options - Advanced Settings:

Redirect Printing - If printer redirection is enabled, any document printed to the Black Ice printer driver will be created in the specified output format, and the original document will be passed through the redirected printer(s).

Send a Printed Document in an Email - The Black Ice Printer Drivers have a built-in feature to email converted files right after the conversion. When email sending is enabled, a send email dialog will come up after every print job where the recipients can be entered. Emails can be sent silently as well as to predefined recipients.

Upload to SharePoint - The Black Ice Printer Drivers Save As Dialog has a built-in feature to upload converted files to the designated SharePoint servers instantly.

Print Watermark - The Black Ice printer driver can also generate watermarks on the printed images.