TIFF File Format
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The Black Ice Printer Drivers can convert any printable file into a variety of formats, including TIFF.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is one of the most popular and flexible of the current public domain raster file formats. The TIFF file format does not favor any operating system, compiler or processor. TIFF is designed for raster data interchange. TIFF's main strengths are a highly flexible and platform-independent format that is supported by numerous image-processing applications. Since developers of printers, scanners and monitors designed it, the TIFF format has a rich space of information elements for colorimetry calibration, gamut tables, etc. Such information is also very useful for remote sensing and multi-spectral applications.

Another powerful feature of TIFF is the ability to break an image into tiles rather than scan lines. This allows for efficient access to very large images which have been compressed.

TIFF files do not have one method of storing image data, the following TIFF compression types are currently supported:

  • CCITT Group 3 1D
  • CCITT Group 3 1D with no EOLs
  • CCITT Group 3 2D
  • CCITT Group 4 2D
  • Uncompressed
  • JPEG
  • LZW
  • Pack Bits

TIFF supports the following bits per pixel: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24. The TIFF file format supports either monochrome or color (using JPEG compression).

TIFF support is included in the following Black Ice printer drivers: