TIFF LZW File Format
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TIFF image files can use LZW lossless compression. Lossless means there is no quality loss caused by compression of the image. LZW compression guarantees that you can always decode back exactly the smae data that you encoded, bit-for-bit without any data corruption. This is a critical factor for archiving master copies of important images.

TIFF LZW compression is most effective when compressing solid colors (graphics), and is less effective for 24 bit photo images. Featureless areas compress better than detailed areas.

Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression method is the most commonly used compression method for web graphics. The two most common uses of the LZW compression is with GIF images and TIFF images. The LZW compression method usually compresses files into half of their original size.

TIFF LZW support is included in the following Black Ice printer drivers: