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Black Ice Printer Drivers have a built-in feature to upload converted files to an FTP server instantly. This feature is available from version 14.33 in every Black Ice X1 Printer Driver.

Upload to FTP feature can be enabled in the Printer Manager > FTP Tab by enabling the Upload to FTP checkbox. Alternatively, upload to FTP feature can be enabled in the Control Panel > Printers and Devices > right click on the Black Ice Printer Driver > Printing Preferences… > Filename Generation Tab > check Upload to FTP and click on Edit Upload to FTP Settings button.

Under FTP, the list of the available FTP connections can be seen, where one can select an already existing FTP configuration to upload documents, or add new FTP connections based on the instructions below.

New connection

To add new FTP connection, click on the New connection button, and the following window appears where one can configure the FTP connection;

Connection Settings

Connection Settings covers the general settings of the FTP connection, including the followings:

  • Connection Name: The name of the new FTP connection. This name will be displayed in the Connection List.
  • URL of the FTP Server or IP Address: The URL or IP Address of the FTP Server. For example: or ftp.yourdomain.com
  • Security mode: Select the security mode of the FTP Server from the following options:
    • Unsecure
    • FTP with explicit SSL/TLS encryption (FTPES)
    • FTP with implicit SSL/TLS encryption (FTPS)
    • SFTP
      If not sure which security mode should be used, please contact the System Administrator.
  • TCP/IP Port: The port of the FTP Server. Usually it’s 21.
  • Login Name: A valid username on the FTP Server.
  • Password: The password for the entered Login Name on the FTP Server.
  • Destination Directory on the Server: In this field users can configure the destination folder on the FTP Server of the uploaded files.

    For example with the default settings (/) the files will be uploaded to the root directory of the FTP Server. If entered /printed_documents then the Printer Driver uploads the printed documents into the printed_documents folder on the FTP Server. Please be aware that the configured directory must exists!

  • Passive Mode: Use Passive Mode.
  • Accept Untrusted Certificate: For secure connections accept untrusted certificates.

Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings covers the optional proxy server configuration for the FTP connection.

  • Proxy Type: Select the type of the proxy server. To not use Proxy settings, select None. The available Proxy Types are the followings:
    • Socks4
    • Socks4A
    • Socks5
    • HttpConnect
  • URL of the Proxy Server or IP Address: The URL or IP Address of the Proxy Server. For example: or ftp.yourdomain.com
  • TCP/IP Port: The port of the Proxy Server.
  • Login Name: A valid username on the Proxy Server.
  • Password: The password for the entered Login Name on the Proxy Server.
  • Domain: Configure the domain of the proxy server. This option is necessary if the Proxy Type is HtmlConnect and the Method is Ntlm.


Advanced covers advanced configurations such as deleting files after uploading, overwriting files or Logging.

  • Delete files after uploading will delete the generated output document from the local computer.
  • Action on Existing files:
    • Overwrite All option overwrites already existing files on the FTP Server.
    • Overwrite Different Size option overwrites the already existing files on the FTP Server, if the file size is different than the new file.
    • Rename option will append a number to the existing file name. For example: filename1.PDF
    • Skip All option skip uploading the file if it’s already exists on the FTP Server.
  • Logging option created a detailed log file with the connection settings, uploaded documents and occurring issues to the path and filename specified in the Log file name.

When finished configuring the FTP Connection, click on the Test FTP connection button to check if the configured connection works properly, and click on the Save button.

The new connection appears in the Connection List. Select the connection by clicking on it, and click on OK button to use this connection for uploading documents to FTP. Every time when printing a document to the Black Ice Printer Driver, it will upload the output document to the selected FTP connection automatically.

Click on the Edit.. button to change the settings of the selected FTP connection.

Click on the Delete button to remove the selected FTP connection.