Remote Print to Local HTML Output
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When Print2RDP is combined with the ColorPlus Printer Driver, Terminal Server users can convert any printable document into editable, ready-to-publish HTML with text, pictures, graphics, and styles, and store the output directly on local client machine!

How does it work?

Once connected to the Print2RDP Terminal Server, Print2RDP will create a virtual printer driver for the ColorPlus Printer Driver. When the output format is selected as 'HTML - editable', the print job will result create an organized directory on the local workstation with HTML files, CSS stylesheets, and images.

  • ColorPlus Printer Driver
  • ColorPlus Printer Driver - the ColorPlus Printer Driver now includes a self-contained HTML printer driver for creating editable HTML files from any printable document. The ColorPlus driver also includes every available output format.
  • Color Printer Driver
  • Color Printer Driver - the Color Printer Driver also includes the self-contained HTML driver, however a few key file formats such as PDF and EMF are not supported.