WinFax PRO XP Service Pack 2 Alternatives
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Impact Fax Server, a powerful yet cost effective scaleable fax server solution, allows users to send and receive faxes from any computer with internet access. The Impact Fax Server easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and also includes a stand alone fax client for non Outlook users. Incoming faxes can be routed to specific users, forwarded to email addresses and more. Additionally, Impact Fax Server can be remotely administered and accessed from any web browser, allowing users to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.
Impact Fax Broadcast is a reliable and easy to use fax broadcast solution to send bulk faxes to any number of fax numbers. Looking to replace WinFax PRO on XP SP2? Impact Fax Broadcast can maintain any number of fax lists and do not call lists for quick and easy fax broadcasting.
Impact Color Fax is designed for users who need a simple but effective PC color faxing software solution. Unlike WinFax PRO, Impact ColorFax fully supports all available Windows operating systems, including Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (XP SP2). Send and receive faxes from the comfort of your home computer. Send any file on your computer as a fax, or use Impact ColorFax with a scanner or multifunction printer to scan and fax.

The chart below details some of the key benefits of switching from WinFax PRO to Impact Fax.

WinFax Pro - Impact Fax Product Comparison

Features WinFax PRO* Impact Fax Server Impact Fax Broadcast Impact ColorFax
Supports Windows XP SP2 NO!
Supports Windows 2003 NO!  
Send/Receive Black and White faxes (Send)
Send/Receive Color faxes NO! (Send)
Integrated Drag and Drop
Annotate faxes
Fax Broadcasting
Custom Cover Sheets
Cover Page Generator and Editor NO!
Clean image to remove fax transmission and scanner noise NO!  
Standard scanner (Twain) interface
Export image file formats.
Import image file formats.
Automated document conversion by printing from any application 
Fax management through folders
Fax queue management. NO!
Phonebook with export and import.
Auto-printing of incoming faxes. N/A
Auto forwarding of incoming faxes to a specified fax number N/A  
Auto forwarding of incoming faxes to a specified email address N/A  
Auto-modem detection. NO!
Auto-detects receiving fax machine's color capability and converts the color fax to black and white fax, if the receiving fax machine is not a color fax. NO!
Runs minimized on the system tray, waiting for incoming faxes N/A
Supports multiple communication ports only 2 up to 255! up to 255! up to 4!
Supports intelligent fax hardware NO!  
Ability to store faxes in any Windows folder N/A  
Clean, clear laser-quality faxes
Photographic-quality outgoing faxes for crisp imaging of photographs or clip art
Ability to send and receive faxes in the background (Send)
Remotely access through any web browser NO!    
Junk Fax Filtering N/A  
Detailed Reporting  
Calling Card support