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Why is the "Receive" menu item disabled?

The "Receive" menu is only designed for manual receiving. It is only enabled when an incoming call rings. Impact ColorFax Lite receives faxes automatically when the application is running and a com port is open.

Why can't I save the received fax to a file?

Impact ColorFax Lite has a limited feature set. The release version, Impact ColorFax, is available in our online store and can save received faxes in a file.

When setting up Impact ColorFax I am not able to pick the parallel port.Can I use a parallel port rather than a phone line?

No. The Color Fax will only work on the serial port and the serial port must be connected to an internal or external modem.

Can Impact ColorFax recognize a distinctive ring?

No. Impact ColorFax will answer any call that comes in on the line that it is connected to if the application is running.

Can I use a DSL modem with Impact ColorFax?

No. You need a standard fax modem connected to a telephone line.

Can I connect Impact ColorFax directly to a Multifunction printer device (all in one, etc.) and receive a fax?

No. You cannot receive a fax through a multifunction device (MFD). Impact ColorFax is a PC based fax software application and can receive faxes if the fax modem is connected to the PC and the telephone line is directly connected to the modem. MFDs are stand alone devices with built in color fax capability. Once it receives a fax, it cannot transfer it to the PC as a fax. The MFD can send or receive color faxes from Impact ColorFax Lite only if both are connected to the opposite end of the telephone line. For example, if you try to send a color fax to your friend and you have the HP MDF, but your friend does not have a color fax device, they have a PC. Your friend can download Impact ColorFax Lite from the Black Ice Software web site, load it on to the PC with a fax modem and your friend is ready to receive the fax.

How can reclaim my comport when Impact ColorFax is open?

Is there a way to release the com port?

  • Close Impact ColorFax Lite and the port will be released.
  • Click on the Fax menu item from the top of the application , click on the Close sub-menu, select the port and close it.

I am getting black pages on my fax machine? I have faxed to two different fax machines and both spit out a 1/4 sheet of solid black, no matter how I change the setup of Impact ColorFax.

The problem is your SoftK56 PCI Modem(M)! Most likely the modem driver is old! You have a software modem. Software modems are relatively new and very inexpensive, but they have lots of problems. You can try a different modem (NOT a PCI software modem) or upgrade the driver for your SoftK56 PCI Modem(M).

Why I can't I open a fax port?

The message of "one com port opening has failed check message box" indicates that either some other application such as, Dialup to the Internet, is using the Com port with the modem or the modem is not installed correctly. Close all applications that might be using the com port and try again.

What do I need to do to fax more than one page?

Print to the Impact ColorFax printer driver from your application. When the printing is finished, the ColorFax application will be activated and you can type in a phone number or select the destination phone number from the phonebook. Impact ColorFax will automatically fax every page.

How do I scan in more than one page, and fax them all at one time?

You need the full version of Impact ColorFax to scan and fax every page in a single fax. Impact ColorFax Lite has limited features and cannot do this. With the full Impact ColorFax, you scan each page into a TIFF file and save each page into the same file. When you save each scanned page to the same file name, the program will prompt you "are you sure you want to overwrite the existing file?" You must click on "yes". The previous page will not be overwritten. Each page is appended to the end of the file. Once you have finished scanning you can open the TIFF file and fax it as a single fax.

What do I do when I got the error message: "IKernel.exe could not be copied to ..."?

This error message occurs if two instances of InstallShield are started by clicking on setup or the install exe program to many times. Resolve this condition by closing one instance of InstallShield. Also, you can receive this message if an installation failed and IKernel.exe stayed in memory. Resolve this condition by removing the IKernel.exe from the task list or restart your PC.

Is there a Cover Sheet option for Impact ColorFax Lite?

Impact ColorFax Lite does not have cover page capability. If you would like to use a cover page with Impact ColorFax Lite, you can prepare the fax in Microsoft Word or any word processor with a cover page and print it to the Impact ColorFax Lite printer driver. When you print the document to the Impact ColorFax Lite printer driver, Impact ColorFax will be activated automatically. If you need cover page capacity, you can purchase the full version Impact ColorFax. It can be purchased online from our online store.

Is there a way to see notification of received faxes without opening the application and viewing the message list?

If you need cover page capacity, you can purchase the full version Impact ColorFax. It can be purchased online from our online store.

How do I fax multiple pages from Impact ColorFax Lite as a single document?

If you scan or open several files inside Impact ColorFax Lite and try to send them as a single document, it is not possible to combine pages into a document. The alternative solution is put each page into an MS Word document. Print it to the Impact ColorFax Printer driver. The printer driver will combine each page into a single document.

When attempting to send fax, I receive the error msg: "Invalid Remote ECM mode."?

The error msg: "Invalid Remote ECM mode." is caused by an incompatibility between Impact ColorFax and the receiving receiving fax software or fax machine. There is no resolution to this problem, because the software or receiving fax machine sends an invalid Error Correction Mode in violation of fax protocol. It is most likely an old software package causing the problem. Try to find out the name of the receiving fax software or machine so we can add it to our support page.

Why I am receiving "Unable to find any Class 1 FAX modem. Install a Class 1 FAX modem"?

To use the Impact ColorFax software you must have an internal or external fax modem attached to your PC. The Lexmark or HP multi function printer is not enough. Fax modems can be purchased from almost any store that sells computer hardware.

How can I uninstall Impact ColorFax ?

Click on Start, Settings, and Control Panel. When The control Panel Window opens, click on Add/ Remove programs. Select Impact ColorFax and click on the Add/Remove button.

Why I am getting the "No carrier detected" error message?

The most common cause of no carrier detected is dialing a long distance number and not dialing '1' before the number.

The no carrier detected termination message is reported when a modem dials out, connects to something, but cannot detect a fax transmission carrier (fax modem, fax machine, etc.) to pick up the fax transmission. This can be caused by one of several factors including:

  • 1. There is no fax hardware on the receiving end which could include the call being answered by an answering machine, a person, etc.
  • 2. The call was answered by an automatic recording from the phone company, such as "Number not in service", "Number dialed incorrectly", etc
  • 3. The fax machine or hardware could be turned off or not have power, and as such may not be answering incoming faxes

Recommended solutions:

  • Verify that the receiving end has there fax hardware hooked up, powered on, and ready to answer
  • Double check that the number dialed is still in service by either dialing it with a handset or contacting the individual directly
  • Make sure that you have entered the number correctly, just as if you had dialed the number on a handset. Be sure to dial 1 before long distance phone numbers (if required) and also make sure that you dial 9 to get an outside line (if required).
  • Check with the manufacturer of your modem to see if the hardware requires a special setup string

I got an error message during Installation:

Ikernel caused an Invalid Page Fault in module unknown.

Setup failed to launch installation engine, no such interface supported.

Error extracting support files: Class not registered.


Delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield folder and reboot.