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Impact Fax Broadcast Overview

Fax Broadcasting service providers (also known as bulk faxing or fax blasting) would like you to believe that it is too costly for organizations to manage their own fax broadcasting. This is completely untrue! Consider the following:

Most fax broadcasting service providers charge roughly $0.05 for each page that is faxed, plus many of them charge an initial set up fee. If your organization faxes 3,000 pages a week, then it will cost you $150 each week through a fax broadcast service. This translates to about $600 each month, or $7,800 each year! By performing your own fax broadcasting, you can save money within the first month!

Fax broadcast service providers want you to believe that you need lots of expensive equipment in order to fax broadcast on your own, which is not the case. To utilize fax broadcasting software, such as the Impact Fax Broadcast , you will only need the following:

  • A computer - chances are you already have one if you are reading this now.
  • A fax modem - The Impact Fax Broadcast supports a wide range of fax hardware, including inexpensive fax modems. Most computers include at least one fax modem, or you can purchase a fax modem for around $50 from any store which carries computer components.
  • A phone line - you can use any standard phone line for fax broadcasting, chances are that you already have at least one phone line. Need the phone line for business use? No problem, Impact Fax Broadcast lets you schedule broadcasts so you can start a fax broadcast after business hours and have it automatically stop before you come in for the day, allowing you to maximize your phone line usage.
  • A fax broadcast software package.

With the Impact Fax Broadcast starting at just $299, you can easily save money within one month by performing your own fax broadcasting. Consider the following comparison of startup and long term costs for fax broadcasting:


Fax Broadcasting Services Fax Broadcasting Yourself


Setup Fee, Varies ($50+) Impact Fax Broadcast,
as low as $299

(10,000 faxes)

$500 (at $0.05 per page) $0

(12 months)

$6000 $0

Yearly Total

$6,050+ $299

Within one month of performing your own fax broadcasting, your organization will have already saved over $200, after 1 year you will have saved well over $5,000!

Need to send more than 10,000 faxes a month?

No problem. Even using the Impact Fax Broadcast on a single line will let you send much more than 10,000 faxes a month. Additionally, the Impact Fax Broadcast is completely scaleable up to 384 lines, so you can license as many lines as you need to get your faxes out. At full capacity (384 lines), the Impact Fax Broadcast can send over 30,000 faxes an hour! Click here for complete details on what Impact Fax Broadcast has to offer.