Web-based Document Conversion Sample
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The Black Ice printer drivers can be used for web based document conversion. You can create server side webpages (i.e. ASP, PHP) that are printing documents using Black Ice printer drivers. After printing you are able to send the printed documents to the client side or display them in the web browser. You can use the dlls and ActiveX controls from the Black Ice Printer Driver Resource Toolkit (RTK) on the server side, so you have full control over printing of the document.

Uses Print Wrapper OCX. This OCX handles capturing the messages using the Black Ice messaging Interface. Source for the Print Wrapper OCX is available written in VB or C++.

The purpose of the wrapper OCX is detecting the end of the current printing and giving the path and filename of the printed document to the ASP. So the ASP will know the location of the printed document and can use it for any purpose. The wrapper OCX uses PIPE messages to detect printer driver messages. Additional methods can be added to the wrapper OCX depending on the purpose. Of course you don't have to use wrapper OCXs for printing.

With the wrapper OCX ready, you can use it in an ASP page. In the July 2008 developer newsletter we give an example how to use the wrapper OCX in an ASP page. In that example we are printing a text file located on the server side using Visual Basic script on the ASP page, a Black Ice ColorPlus Printer Driver and Microsoft's Notepad.

Please refer to our July 2008 developer newsletter for more detailed description.