Output Directory Control
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The Black Ice printer drivers can generate the output image, PDF or text files in any specified folder. This folder can be on the local hard drive, can be a mapped network drive, or it can be a folder on another computer. The output folder can be set in the Black Ice Printer Manager, from the printer driver Printing Preferences or can be set programmatically using the Black Ice printer driver API.

The output path can be specified using long directory names like C:\My Documents\Printed Files\ or using an environment variable.

On Terminal Servers each user can use a separate output directory. Setting a separate output directory for each user can be done in two ways:

  • User will have their own output directory by manually entering the directory path they want to use, or set up at install time.
  • Specify the environment variable which contains a directory path. The environment variable name must be between “<<” and “>>” marks. I.e.: <<TEMP>>. The printer driver will use the value from the environment variable as the output directory. This environment variable should be specified for each user by the system administrator. The system administrator can add to the autoexec.bat the a SET command which uses the %USER% environment variable so this path will be unique for each user. I.e.:

    SET TEMP=C:\Temp\%USER%

    I.e. to specify the TEMP environment variable as output directory enter in this field:
    To specify a directory in the directory specified in the environment variable use the following format: <<TEMP>>\UserDir

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