Programmatically Control Printjobs (API)
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The Print Job Control functionality included in the Resource Toolkit contains features like pausing, restarting and deleting print jobs. Developers can get a list of the current print jobs, then pause or delete any print jobs they need to control. Developers can also query the total number of print jobs for the specified printer and the status of each specified job to see if the job is printing, paused, etc.

Additional print job specific information that can be retrieved from the Black Ice printers includes:

  • the name of the machine that created the print job
  • the name of the user that owns the print job
  • the name of the print job ( the document name, for example, "MS-WORD: Review.doc")
  • the job’s priority
  • the job's position in the print queue
  • total number of pages in the document
  • the number of pages that have printed
  • the time the job was submitted

Developers can take advantage of additional Black Ice printer driver features to further control and process print jobs, such as the Start Application, Custom Plug-in support, and the ability to programmatically change printer settings.