Install Shield Sample - Black Ice Printer Driver API Version number:

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    InstallShield MSI Install Sample

    InstallShield MSI samples available in the OEM Resource Toolkits demonstrate how to create a Black Ice printer driver install in InstallShield 12. There are separate InstallShield MSI samples for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and for Windows 2016/2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 Terminal Server printer drivers.

    Supported InstallShield versions:

    Printer Driver InstallShield MSI sample projects can be opened and rebuilt with the following InstallShield versions:

    • InstallShield 12 Professional (and above)
    • InstallShield 12 Premium (and above)

    The InstallShield MSI sample implements install and uninstall procedures including silent installation support, copies driver files, and installs the printer driver during the install process. It also deletes the printer driver and driver files during uninstall process.

    The MSI setup is a basic (simplified) setup of the Black Ice printer driver; it copies the driver files to the required locations, adds the printer driver, print processor and print monitor and finally the printer to the system. The sample MSI install supports specifying the printer driver settings through the printer driver’s INI file.

    The primary benefit to using an InstallShield MSI installation is its convenience and practicality for network wide distribution and deployment. The main reason to use MSI technology is to implement software (mandatory or public) by Windows group policies.

    The source code is not available in DEMO API/Resource Toolkit.