Custom File Name Generation Sample
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This sample demonstrates how to configure the custom file name generation method dynamically using the Printer Driver API. Custom File Name Generation sample uses the Printer Driver messaging to change the file name generation runtime.

This demonstration sample program will set the custom file name to IMG <<DOCNAME>> printedby <<USERNAME>>.<<ORIGINAL>> and indicate whether this template is valid or not. The sample can be compiled using Visual Studio 2005 using the appropriate project file.

How to Use the Sample:

  • Open Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.

  • Find your previously installed Black Ice Printer Driver and right-click on it. Select Printing Preferences, select Filename Generation tab. In the Filename Generation Method section select Custom file naming from the dropdown list. Click OK button.

  • Run the sample

  • Print a document

  • Check the sample window for the text output

  • Check the output files of the printer driver for their filenames

To read more about this sample, please visit the Online Manual of the Resource Toolkit.

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