Printer Driver API/Resource Toolkit
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    Printer Driver API/Resource Toolkit

    Black Ice Printer Driver API/Resource Toolkit (RTK) enables developers to control every aspect of document creation. The API-RTK includes over 400+ functions and methods for C++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Delphi developers to control the document conversion process. The API/RTK includes a variety of sample applications with full source codes, written in C++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Delphi for fast and simple development. The API/RTK also includes several sample installation scripts and other tools that can reduce development time. Printer Driver API-RTK is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of any Black Ice OEM Printer Driver.

    For Automated Printing, Batch Converter solutions for developers, please refer to the Auto-print SDK. The Auto-print SDK includes the most updated Auto-print for batch document conversion and Auto-print Service for document conversion service solutions.

    The tools and samples included in the Resource Toolkit will help in the following areas:

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    Installation Samples

    The Printer Driver Resource Toolkit includes InstallShield, MSI, InstallShield MSI, VB.NET, C# and WIX Installation sample projects which install and configure the Black Ice printer driver. The installation sample projects are provided as starting points for creating user specific printer driver installations.

    Additionally, the documentation included in the Resource Toolkit contains detailed information on how to install the Black Ice printer driver with a single function call using installation packages other than Install Shield (packages like Wise and Microsoft Installer). Full source codes for both an install and an uninstall DLL are also included. These DLLs implement every required function necessary to install and remove a printer driver. Black Ice printer drivers can be installed or uninstalled using a single function call from the appropriate DLL.

    The Install Shield project included in the Resource Toolkit was generated with Install Shield 12 and in order to rebuild the sample installation package, Install Shield 12 or newer is required. The MSI Installer is written using Visual Studio.

    Multiple Instances of Black Ice printer drivers can be installed on a single system, allowing for increased file processing.

    + Printer Driver User Interface Customization + Programmatically Control and Query Print Jobs + Integrate the Printer Driver Into an Application + Network Printer Sharing + Additional Samples Provided

    Resource Toolkit/API Pricing

    All of the Black Ice OEM Printer Drivers are runtime free.

    All Printer Driver Prices listed are effective as of 1/01/2013.

    To purchase the Black Ice printer drivers, please fax or email a signed copy of the associated license agreement to the Black Ice sales office. For additional ordering information, please click here.

    To speak with a sales representative please call 561-757-4107 or email

    License Details:

    The Black Ice OEM printer drivers are all runtime free and are licensed per developed application, so you can incorporate and distribute them with your application without any additional license fees. The drivers are priced and licensed based on operating system type.

    Printer Driver Support Contracts

    Contract Type Description
    Maintenance Plan Free product updates (patches) and future releases and unlimited priority e-mail support for the period of the contract.
    Read and print the software Maintenance Agreement PDF

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