Impact Fax Server Client - Features
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Impact Fax Server Client key features:

Multiple Client interfaces

Impact Fax Server includes multiple client interfaces, allowing users to utilize the Impact Fax Server in whichever way(s) work best for them. The four Impact Fax Server client options are: the Impact Fax Server Outlook client , the Impact Fax Server Stand Alone client and the Impact Fax Server Web Browser client

Send Color or black & white faxes...or both!

Impact Fax Server can send and receive color or black & white faxes. When sending a color fax, Impact Fax Server can automatically detect the receiving end's fax capabilities and if the recipient cannot receive a color fax Impact Fax Server will automatically convert the color file into black & white to send to the recipient.

Send faxes from any application

With Impact Fax Server, users can send any file as a fax by simply printing the file to the Impact Fax Server printer, or can create a new message form one of the Impact Fax Server clients or any email client. Users can then select one or more fax recipient(s) from their Outlook Contacts or can manually enter fax numbers.

Receive faxes in TIFF or PDF format

Impact Fax Server can deliver incoming faxes to user’s as TIFF or PDF format. Users can view received faxes from any of the Impact Fax clients, including the Impact Fax Web Client, or can have received faxes forwarded to an email address.

Send/receive faxes via your handheld or mobile

Using Impact Fax Server's email to fax and fax to email interface, email clients on handhelds PDAs and Pocket PCs can be used to send and receive faxes.

Use Outlook Contacts

The Impact Fax Server Outlook Client allows users to send faxes to their existing Outlook contacts by simply choosing the "Business Fax" entry for one or more contacts from Outlook’s Contacts list.

Attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and additional file formats

Impact Fax Server users can attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and additional files to a fax or email form to be faxed. Attached files are converted to faxable format automatically by the Impact Fax Server.

Support for Citrix and Windows Terminal Server

The Impact Fax Server client can run on a Citrix or Windows terminal server, allowing all terminal server users to send and receive faxes from the Citrix or Windows Terminal Server system

Additional Impact Fax Server Client Features

  • Faxes can be displayed and edited right from Outlook, no need for an external TIFF viewer
  • Deskew and Despeckle functionality to enhance scanned and faxed files
  • Automatic conversion of Microsoft Office and PDF files
  • Color Fax support, including color fax generation
  • Review and delete queued faxes on the server
  • Change your Impact Fax Server user settings from the client
  • Impact Fax Client software is compatible with Windows 20003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95
  • Annotate faxes.
  • Send and receive faxes directly through any internet browser or email client
  • Send, receive, forward, move, re-send and delete faxes just like E-Mail
  • Send Faxes to multiple fax numbers
  • Customized cover page for every fax
  • Customizable Fax Header for every fax
  • Advanced editing capabilities including annotations
  • TWAIN scanning support
  • Drag & Drop Images

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