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Date Released Newsletter Topics Download PDF
2011 December - OEM Printer Driver - December Savings! Development Tools 20% Off! - Free Upgrades and Priority Support PDF
2011 November - Printer Driver - Printer Driver 13.23 and Document Imaging 12.02 is released PDF
2011 October - Barcode SDK - QR Barcode SDK From Black Ice Software - Using 32 bit ActiveX Controls with 64 bit Printer Driver on a 64 bit Platform PDF
2011 September - OEM Printer Driver - Black Ice OEM Printer Driver 13.22.264 has released - New licensing PDF
2011 August - Printer Driver - Printer Driver 13.22 is released. - New enhancements to the Resource Toolkit! - Fax C++ 12.61 is released! PDF
2011 July - Document Imaging SDK - the release of the Document Imaging SDK 12.00 family of products with 64 bit compiler support for .NET and UNICODE file name generation. PDF
2011 June - Barcode SDK - Barcode SDK 6.00 with 64 bit compiler support for .NET and UNICODE file name generation and improved barcode detection - Custom file name generation Part 2. - Printing Tips for Developers PDF
2011 May - OEM Printer Driver Custom File Name Generation Printing Tip for Developers: - Setting custom file naming programmatically PDF
2011 April - OEM Printer Driver - Extended paper list support -- Editable paper list -- Special Paper Sizes for Label Printers -- Custom paper sizes - Printing Tip for Developers: --Define custom paper sizes through the INI PDF
2011 March - OEM Printer Driver New! Advanced Save As options: - Redirect Printing - Send a Printed Document in an Email - Upload to SharePoint - Print Watermark Printing Tips for Developers PDF
2011 February - OEM Printer Driver New! Email Sending Module for OEM drivers Improved PDF security: 128 bit encryption Advanced Paper List editing How to change the registry path of the printer driver variables in the MSI install? How to change the path and name of the email sender and SharePoint Uploader with a custom driver installation? PDF
2011 January - OEM Printer Driver Improved font handling for special Chinese, Korean and Greek fonts in PDFs More features for the “Save As” option Preview of the Photo quality settings Start Application: Remove parameters - > Pass Parameters (new) PDF