Easy Installation API
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The Black Ice printer drivers can be installed or uninstalled using a single function call and they include Install Shield, MSI and Visual Basic sample projects which will install and configure the Black Ice printer driver. The installation sample projects are provided as starting points for creating user specific printer driver installations.

Additionally, the documentation included in the Resource Toolkit contains detailed information on how to install the Black Ice printer driver with a single function installation using installation packages other than Install Shield (packages like Wise and Microsoft Installer). Full source code for both an install and an uninstall DLL are also included. These DLLs implement every required function necessary to install and remove a printer driver.

The Install Shield project included in the Resource Toolkit was generated with Install Shield 6.31 and in order to rebuild the sample installation package Install Shield 6.31 or newer is required. The Visual Basic installation project was written using VB 6.0. The MSI Install was written using Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Developers can create custom installations to install Multiple Copies of the Black Ice printer drivers on a single system, allowing for increased file processing.

Additionally, developers can customize the user interface to control which printer driver options are available to their users, or to create an internationalized version of the Black Ice printer driver.